Thatch Ridge Thatched Cottage Ridge

As the final protective covering along the top of the roof, the purpose of the ridge is twofold: to conceal the last fixing rod and to provide an attractive finish to the roof.


How is the ridge of the roof protected?


The roof ridge is best made of a more pliable and better bonding material than water reed. Wheat straw is preferred for this purpose and it is heldThatched Cottage Ridge Detail Close up in place by wooden spars. It is important that winter wheat be used since it is stronger and more durable than spring wheat. Of course, The Thatch Company uses only winter wheat straw.

There are two basic forms of ridge: flush and block. A flush ridge is just that - it is flush with the rest of the roof line and does not stand out from it. A block ridge, on the other hand, is built up and then cut to form a block raised very visibly over the roof ridge.



Life expectancy Thatched Cottage - Ridge Detail and Scaffolding

A new thatch should last between 15-35 years, depending on the type and quality of materials used.

Maintenance on a typical three to four bedroomed home will usually include replacing the ridge every 10 to 15 years.


Towards the end of its life, a thatched roof will require patching; however, regular inspection and maintenance of the thatch can prevent problems such as vermin damage or rot from shortening the lifespan of the roof.




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